Downloadable Forms



FM 5.3.2-01 Checklist for ACP

FM 5.3.2-02 Application Form ACP

FM 5.3.2-03 CP Information Sheet

FM 5.3.2-04 Cert of Accreditation

FM 5.3.2-05 Accreditation of Co-Partner Evaluation Sheet



FM 5.1.5-01 AEP Application Form

FM 5.1.5-02 AEP Evaluation Sheet

FM 5.1.5-03 AEP Checklist Updated

FM 5.1.5-04 Notice of Filing of Application for AEP

FM 5.1.5-05 AEP Application Evaluation Sheet-FO



FM 5.2.4-01 Notice of Order

FM 5.2.4-02 Notice of Hearing

FM 5.2.4-03 Minutes



FM 5.2.2-01 Application for CBA Registration

FM 5.2.2-02 Certificate of CBA Registration



FM 5.3.1-01 Application Form

FM 5.3.1-02 Project Proposal Evaluation & Recommendation Sheet Updated

FM 5.3.1-03 Checklist for LGU or GO

FM 5.3.1-04 Checklist for LGU on CEP

FM 5.3.1-05 Checklist for NGO or PO

FM 5.3.1-06 Criteria for Evaluating Livelihood Project


DO 18

FM 5.1.4-01 Application for Registration of Contractors/ Subcontractors

FM 5.1.4-02 Certificate of Registration

FM 5.1.4-03 Checklist for DO 18A Registration

FM 5.1.4-04 FO Evaluation Sheet

FM 5.1.4-05 RO Evaluation Sheet



FM Qualification Matrix

FM Comparative Assessment Form

FM Interview Rating Sheet Form

FM Background Investigation Form

FM Personal Data Sheet

FM Position Description Form

FM Certificate of Assumption to Duty

FM Oath of Office Form

FM Appointment Form

FM Recruitment Requirements Checklist Form

FM Appointment Processing Checklist



FM 5.2.5-01 Inspection Authority

FM 5.2.5-02 Checklist for Labor Inspectors

FM 5.2.5-03 Notice of Inspection Results

FM 5.2.5-04 Complaint Inspection Affidavit



Checklist of requirements LROBA



FM 5.2.3-01 Clearance Form

FM 5.2.3-02 Certificate of No Pending Case



FM 5.2.6-01 Accreditation Certificate

FM 5.2.6-02 Application Form for Accreditation, OSH Practitioner, Consultant

FM 5.2.6-03 Application Form for Renewal

FM 5.2.6-04 Requirements Checklist Form

FM 5.2.6-05 Evaluation Form DOLE-BWC-AF-PN-EV

FM 5.2.6-06 Interview Notes

FM 5.2.6-07 Index Card Form

FM 5.2.6-08 Initial Evaluation Form

FM 5.2.6-09 Summary of Evaluation

FM 5.2.6-10 Profile Form



FM 5.1.2-01 License for PRPA

FM 5.1.2-02 PRPA Application Form



FM 5.2.1-01 RLO Registration Form 1

FM 5.2.1-02 RLO Registration Form 5

FM 5.2.1-03 Charter Certificate

FM 5.2.1-04 Union Certificate of Registration



FM 5.3.3-01 RWAS Registration Form

FM 5.3.3-02 RWAs Pro-Forma of Pre-signed Cert. of Reg.



01 Employer's Pledge of Commitment

02 Summary Report of Participating Companies

03 SPES Certification of Employment

04 Application Form

05 SPES Certification of Passing Grades

06 SPES Certification for Displaced Parents

07 Brgy. Capt. Cert. for Income

08 SPES Barangay Certification

09 Certificate of Enrolment

10 Terminal Report

11 Placement Report

12 Employment Contract

13 SPES Evaluation Sheet and Payment Information

14 Quarterly Work and Financial Plan



FM (DV) Blank

FM (OR) Blank

FM Order of Payment

FM Inspection Report

FM Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment

FM Inventory Custodian Slip

FM Invoice Receipt of Property

FM Purchase Request



FM 5.3.4-01 WCP Form

FM 5.3.4-02 Application for Working Child Permit

FM 5.3.4-03 Summary of WCP issued

FM 5.3.4-04 Checklist of Requirements


GIP Forms

Administrative Order 436-13



Incentivizing Compliance Program (ICP)
A. Tripartite Certificate of Compliance on Labor Standards (TCCLS)

B. Child Labor-Free Establishment (CLFE)



101- Career Pamphlets

Guiding Youth Careers - A Handbook for those who help young jobseekers.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7


Minute Guide for Young Jobseekers is a self-help guide intended to assist young jobseekers, especially new graduates, school leavers, and out-of-school and unemployed youth in their job search.

Part 1 / Part 2

Career Guide for High School Students

Employment Guide for College Students and Job Seekers




DOLE Citizen's Charter

SPES Guidelines

Republic Act 7323

Republic Act 9547

JointMemoCircular 2010-001-SPES IRR

Memorandum on Greening and Expanding Coverage of the SPES

SPES Advisory 1

SPES Advisory 2

SPES Advisory 3


Department Order 65-04 - An Act Providing for the Elimination of the Worst Forms

of Child Labor and Affording Stronger Protection for the Working Child

Republic Act No. 9255 - An Act Allowing Illegitimate Children to Use the 

Surname tf Their Father, Amending for the Purpose Article 176 of Executive

Order No.209, Otherwise Known as the “Family Code of the Philippines”

Department Order No. 56-03 Series of 2003 - Rationalizing the

Implementation of Family Welfare Program (FWP) in Dole

Republic Act No. 9710 - Magna Carta of Women

The Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act

No. 9710, Otherwise Known as the “Magna Carta af Women”

Republic Act No. 7610 - An Act Providing for Stronger Deterrence

and Special Protection Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and

Discrimination, Providing Penalties For Its Violation, and for Other Purposes

Republic Act No. 9231 December 19, 2003 - An Act Providing for the Elimination

of the Worst Forms of Child Labor and Affording Stronger

Protection for the Working Child, Amending for this Purpose

Republic Act No. 7610,As Amended, Otherwise Known as the

"Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation

and Discrimination Act"


Department Order No. 113 series of 2011

Revised Guidelines for the Conduct of Jobfair 


e-publication of DOLE RO6

December 2013

January 2014

1st Search for the Outstanding Workers / Employees in the Private Sector


Nomination / Aplication Form

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