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News for the year 2022
Title Date
DOLE Organizes First Boracay Human Resource Network2022-11-10
WV Workers' Groups Undergo Program Dev't Trainings2022-11-09
Vis-Min SAP and SAWP Reviewed, Improvement Looms2022-11-09
TUPAD Workers Rebuild an Elderly House2022-11-04
Good News Story: SPES: A contributor to an Engr.'s Success2022-10-10
Php36.2M money claims awarded to 1,701 WV workers thru SEnA2022-09-28
DOLE keeps the spirit of cooperativism alive2022-09-28
19th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week2022-09-19
Parolees, Probationers Receive DOLE Livelihood Grant2022-09-12
Good News Story: DOLE-assisted livelihood project kicks off in ELCAC priority area2022-09-07
Good News Story: Sweet corn is sweet if not from a child laborer's sweat2022-09-03
Fw: Good News Story: Keeping the fisherfolks afloat2022-09-03
Good news Story: DOLE’s livelihood program targets child laborers’ bright future 2022-09-03
Good News Story: SPES experience hatches dream of becoming a lawyer2022-09-03
Good News Stories: First semester TUPAD assistance in WV reaches Php427M2022-08-09
Good News Story: Strengthening farmers’ resiliency against economic challenges2022-08-09
Good News Story: PESO-Aklan helps promote eco-tourism for job generation2022-08-09
Good News Story: Fishers receive livelihood to boost DOLE-USAID marine biodiversity deal2022-08-09
Good News Story: Capiz Field Office overshoots SEnA target2022-07-25
Good News Story: WODP produces Cum Laude2022-07-25
Providing Livelihood for Peace in the Countryside2022-07-08
Keeping the flames of hope burning2022-07-05
Php2M projects spread across RTF-ELCAC-cleared areas in Tubungan, Iloilo2022-04-26
Weaving better economic condition for a child laborer’s future2022-04-26
DOLE awards first Capiz BPO Safety Seal Certification2022-04-26
Darag production provides livelihood, promotes town’s local industry2022-04-26
Announcement 2022-01-24
SEnA - An Affected Workers Refuge2022-01-23
DO 231-21 - Updated Guidelines on the Registration of...2022-01-23
DOLE Region 6 Good News: DOLE joins Bisita Sacada, checks workers’ condition2022-01-23
DOLE RO6 Finds New Home!2022-01-23
DOLE Region 6 Good News: Poor beneficiaries among Capiz JobStart LST grads find job2022-01-23
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